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  Shandong jining fu ke guest farming equipment co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of quail breeding equipment manufacturers, with the only independent property rights and patents, the advanced equipment and technology, the global customers to provide first-class quail farming equipment.

The company is located in the northwest of shandong province, is less than 10 km from downtown, is located in three counties of jinghang canal, liangshan, ren city interchange, 105 state road, south by national highway 105 in the east, the beijing-hangzhou grand level 3 channel, rizhao-heze expressway, beam highway across the whole town, traffic is very convenient. I companies with an annual output of 450000 groups of quail equipment, quail can accommodate more than five thousand, ten thousand, is now specializing in the production of quail breeding in China the largest and most professional equipment business. "Rich" series of products with scientific and reasonable design, high quality of the production process, a detailed and thoughtful after-sales service well received by customers and trust.

  Check before my company can provide users with the following the international advanced level of quail breeding equipment: a partridges breeding equipment 2, vertical quail, step three, step and cascading quail equipment supporting the use of automatic feeding system, automatic nightsoil system, automated collection system, automatic water system, automatic temperature control system, etc.

  Clicks the quail cage, is a new type of quail breeding cage, traditional quail cage doors are not in the cage above, tear open outfit more troublesome, time delay, the swing door and change the disadvantages of traditional quail cage, using spring control doors open, back and forth freely, switch is convenient, greatly improves the work efficiency, brought convenience for quail breeding.

Company has the experienced and innovative engineering and technical team, can undertake quail site for the customer, the quail cage design, equipment installation, and according to the actual situation of farm product upgrade, free technical consulting services.

  As people living standard rise, the 21st century green health meat and egg products has become our life standard of diet and fashion, in the national industrial policy of farms and farming equipment standards for environmental protection is in execution. The company in line with the spirit of being highly responsible for public health, developed in line with national environmental standard of green environmental protection farming equipment, USES the pollution-free surface treatment technology, is the first choice of the current domestic large farms.

  Is located in the canal of formal state rich guest farming equipment co., LTD., all the staff warmly welcome customers at home and abroad came to negotiate cooperation, create a better future!