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Quail breeding equipment manufacturer from an economic point of analysis of the prospects of breeding quail
更新时间::2018-06-14 14:54:31

quail breeding equipment manufacturer from an economic point of analysis of the prospects of breeding quail, quail galliformes phasianidae birds, as the smallest one in galliformes, only more than hundred years history of breeding.

A, breeding value: quail variety is more, according to the modern economic use for classification, can be roughly divided into eggs with meat type by type, the main varieties are: 1, the Japanese quail, also known as Japan improved quail; 2, the Korean quail; 3, Chinese white quail; 4, NDV can be isolated from the dead, quail, namely the recessive NDV can be isolated from the dead quail; 5, the French giant quail meat: 6, Sally d wheat meat quail. Quail eggs and quail meat nutrition, taste is very high, is internationally recognized health treasures

B, breeding benefit: quail with size? Early maturity, high rate, easy breeding, eggs are high, weight is light: adult quail only 100 grams to 250 grams. Mature early, quail egg day earlier, breeding for more than a month can lay eggs. High egg: quail egg is higher, annual output of egg in 260 to more than 300, 11.5 13.5 grams, egg weight one over ten of its own weight. Material than high egg, quail egg stage, each day is 25 grams, egg ratio at about 3 to 1. Easy breeding, quail adapt high intensive breeding, raising management is very simple.

C, analysis of marketing: the quail to one of high yield, poultry, quail eggs have a mature sales market, but as a result of individual small quail eggs, quail egg as chicken, as people living standard rise, in recent years, sales have fallen. With the development of quail eggs, meat processing project, quail eggs, meat, internal quality improvement, quail project there will be more broad city chang.

the above is the analysis of the prospects of breeding quail from economic Angle, need to know more details you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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