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Introduction to how to guarantee the quail cage health standard
更新时间::2018-06-14 16:01:59

Discuss about how to ensure the quail cage health standards, quail cage aquaculture is the essential magic weapon of quail, so we must pay attention to when using the quality, for the quail cage should be regular cleaning and disinfection work, ensure the quail cage health standards help quail healthy growth, so how to guarantee the health standard of the quail cage? Has the need to know.
1. The quail cage type on the market more when we farmed reasonable choice according to the requirements of breeding quail quail cage, the quail cage is needs regular cleaning work, because the quail cage in use after a certain period of time will have certain internal stain bacteria and so on we timely cleaning work, also has a great advantage on the quail.
2. When cleaning the quail cage should pay attention to the material of the tank and water bowl clean, in order to improve the survival rate of quail in a degree, the quail cage after cleaning in good sterilization should be timely, to provide quail health living environment.

3. Because the quail cage is the main living areas so quail in peacetime must assure good basket of cleanliness and hygiene, timely for quail must clean basket basket of cleaning.
To ensure that the quail cage health standards which can guarantee the healthy growth of quail, want to know more details about the quail cage can contact us, we are looking forward to your arrival, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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