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Quail automation equipment manufacturers on quail characteristics of automation equipment
更新时间::2018-06-14 16:17:45

Quail automation equipment manufacturer to explain the characteristics of quail automation equipment, automated farming equipment, now has been with the continuous development of industrialization, continuous innovation and update equipment, also application in farms on the breeding of automation equipment, chicken with a water fountain is among them. Because of its advantages of automation equipment, so use in the farm, so automation farming equipment what are the advantages?
1, high production efficiency
(1) high efficiency management work
(2) the management work is very easy: management approach time not more than 1 hours a day on average, in the after job
Mainly for breeding, transfer group, observation, treatment must be done by people.
2, the height of the the whole production process automation control
(1) the automation of breeding equipment has realized automatic feed: the whole system adopts towers + automatic cutting, automatic identification of automatic feeding device, realizes the fully automatic feeding.
(2) the automation of breeding device realizes the automatic management: set by center control computer system, realized the estrus identification, inner temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and shutter automatic management.
(3) automation breeding equipment to realize the automatic data transfer: all production data can be real-time transmission is displayed in the farmer's personal phone.  

(4) automation breeding equipment to realize the automatic alarm: floor equipped with computerized automatic alarm system, a computer will automatically alarm if you have any questions.
The above content is to explain the characteristics of the quail automation equipment, friend in need can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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