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Quail breeding equipment manufacturer quail cage considerations on the brood
更新时间::2018-06-14 16:28:13

Quail breeding equipment manufacturer to interpret the quail cage, matters needing attention of the brood, quail is now a lot of people have a poultry breeding, in the process of breeding, of course, is indispensable in the quail cage, but it is also have some things need to pay attention to during the using of oh, especially for the quail cage of the brood, notice more:
Because quail have social habits and biological characteristics are afraid of cold, warm is adopted with three-dimensional quail cage rearing, make full use of space, the number of breeding progress per unit area. By the number of breeding to points, have a single cage and collective cage: monomer cage is mainly used in kinds of male, quail and kinds of female quail, for individual use. Alone breeding quail, punctual for breeding is put forward, on semen quality and add the quail breeding progress share, and avoid the male female formed by the mixed group of breeding female quail hate mood, but breed added monomer breeding management workload and add the cost.
Collective cage for small collective quail or commodity production using quail. Box degree of activity from its cage, activity type and fixed type. Cage box can down, easy to clean, turn group, timing, disinfection, a little higher cost. Fixed cage box fixed on the rack, data saving, low cost.

Demand during breeding quail used basket, the different stages of quail will use different quail cages, because quail newborn will use the brood cage, but many people don't want to buy again, so today small make up teach you a way to make simple quail cage:
Because of quail brood period is short, so here to teach you how to make a simple brood cage, manufacture brood cage can use cartons or wooden cases.
Able to prepare box length trisection of share out bonus, then at the end of the third, the suspension is a light bulb, regulate the light from the bottom 2 cm, temperature is controlled in 38 degrees, in fixed light line, this set is suitable just before three days of quail, quail breeding equipment manufacturer, with quail grew, can put snuggie, on the bottom of gauze on the box lid, pay special attention to the winter, heat preservation measures in the box. Need to know more details you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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