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Quail automation equipment factory tutor you to clean the quail cage
更新时间::2018-06-14 16:31:20

Quail automation equipment factory tutor you to clean the quail cage for the quail cage, we are need to cleaning, after all, it is a quail a place to live for a long time, if it doesn't clean, then quail corresponding living environment will be affected, so how to clean and has become an important things, how it is importance to quail, of course, and we should understand the problems.
The existence of the quail cage is actually allows farmers to quail centralized management, and at the time of farming, also will be more convenient, and to clean the quail cage is in order to be able to guarantee a healthy and normal growth of quail important reasons, the cleaning, of course, it is also very simple:

Modernization under the quail cage can be waste through the cage of urine increased trough box to pick up dung, and slot and box is plastic, which is smooth and no adsorption and environmental cleaning. In farming, cage clean work, must according to the quail cage cleaning material to choose the appropriate way, must immediately to dry after cleaning, but not in the hot sun exposure or in fire roasted, lest cause breeding cage rust, affect the use effect. In general, quail breeding cage cleaning cycle can be controlled in once a month, and for the goods such as food cans, tank more strictly to clean.
For cleaning the quail cage, in the hope that we can do it later, so no matter when, we can guarantee the growth of quail environment. Need to know more detailed content can continue to pay attention to our website, or contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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