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Quail automation equipment factory introduction to quail egg stage management measures
更新时间::2018-06-14 16:57:30

Quail automation equipment manufacturers mainly quail egg stage management measures, quail automation equipment manufacturer analysis about quail breeding should pay attention to the problem of it? We simply look at the below. Quail's body is relatively small, like hordes of activities, when it comes to quail seedlings, the front is also tell you a lot of relevant information, I believe we have a simple understanding of quail egg period, how to manage?
First of all, for quail egg production period, the first time when the fed can't blend in breeding, feeding, must be separated from within the group can be in night shift, so can improve the adaptability of quail.
Second, quail breeding cage suppliers to tell you, quail egg production time in the afternoon about at eight o 'clock in the afternoon, in the meantime, it is important to note that observation, so as to guarantee the quality of eggs.

Third, quail egg production during the term, can increase the number of breeding, also should have the appropriate time and intensity of the light, and to ensure that the environment is quiet, so you can have a big advantage of quail.
Quail egg stage should pay attention to strengthen management, can improve the productivity of quail eggs, so we are quail automation equipment manufacturers, need quail automation equipment, welcome to inquire.

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