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The quail cage manufacturers share breeding quail breeding unique experience
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Quail cage manufacturers share breeding quail original breeding experience, summer should be well ventilated, prevent damage, dog, cat and mouse, etc. You must install lighting equipment, must have a lighting at night, in order to improve the rate of female quail. Feeding chamber placed cage, cage, brood between cage and finishing quail hatching. Bamboo can also use the iron cage. The bottom of the cage should be made of the grid, the grid size can leak in quail feces at appropriate intervals of about 11.2 cm long, after the former high low, slightly oblique, at the bottom of the easy out of an egg, mum. Quail breeding technology also should pay attention to feed quail feed, as far as possible use less fiber, nutritious foods, varieties should be diversified. Soybean meal, fish meal, corn flour, wheat bran, rice bran, clover, cabbage, julo cloth, bone powder, calcium carbonate, salt, etc. You can also add some vitamins, antibiotics and trace elements, the feed should be relatively stable, gradually switch if necessary. There are two ways: one is the feed feed dry, water fountain, another is to feed the wet material, dry, wet material, the water ratio of 1:3: summer, winter 1:2, 1:2. 5 in the spring. Four times a day, this time, quantitative and qualitative supply. 9-10 weeks of quail, realize "can eat how much to" breeding methods. Quail breeding technology should be paid attention to the male quail quail breeding on the timing of the best breeding, feeding, so as to improve the fertilization rate of eggs. If you don't convenient clustering can also be mixed feed. When the male and female quail quail collection is 1:3. Quail in addition to raising quail, quail quail for. In breeding management, but also pay attention to the breeding density, young quail breeding density: 100/1 weeks of m2, / 2 weeks of m2, only 85, 70 only 3 weeks/m2, 50 just four weeks/m2. The quiet surroundings, such as fear of sadness, will affect the female quail eggs.

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