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Introduction to some common quail quail breeding equipment factories basket
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Quail breeding equipment manufacturer to discuss some common quail cages, quail breeding, quail cages is a very important part of the quail cage with the choice of what need to pay attention to the above, the following will explain it for you.
The first is the brood. Brood basket can be made of metal material, also can be made of wood and metal mesh. Brood cage is composed of 2 ~ 5 layers, with 23 layer is applicable. The brood cage but can small, usually with 1 ~ 2 square meters advisable on each floor. Young quail sheet, the whole design, the whole piece put it, to facilitate cleaning and sanitation. Bottom mesh is 10 mm x 10 mm wire mesh, made of composite board around, make activity board, can be installed in the whole, the whole block.
And then the production. Quail production house can use civil residence, also can use idle hen house, warehouse use, including the brood, kind of quail eggs, hatching room, feed production workshop and storage room, etc. With the ceiling to heat preservation, cold, antivirus, cooling, ventilation performance is good, according to the ventilation conditions and area have exhaust fan. Ground with cement floor had better, convenient for washing drainage, cleaning, disinfection, and insects, mice and ants, etc.
Another is a young cage. Specifications and brood cage were similar, around the switch board made of wood, or by 2 cm * 2 cm activity network block made of barbed wire, 2.7 cm between batten blank, so that the young quail water out to eat.
And brood chute. Brood trough made of thin plate, the specification for 25 cm long, 15 cm wide, 2-2.5 cm high, after feeding, add 1 piece of 1 cm square wire mesh on the surface of grilled quail in case material.

There should be laying cage. Which kind of quail cage, the overall 5 layer design, each layer on both sides of the cage of slivers of baffle plate for activities. Bearing quail halftone, 10 mm x 10 mm mesh, mesh plate in the middle, low on both sides, grade 7 ~ 10 degrees, so that the quail egg roll out automatically, on both sides of the nets to 12 cm, and roll up 2 cm, used in bearing sets quail eggs. Each group of cage 5 layers, each layer 76 centimeters wide, 130 centimeters long, about 1 square meters of area, each group of 5 square metre.
Common quail cages have roughly these, other also need to use the basket need to choose according to the actual situation of their breeding. Our company has rich experience and innovative engineering and technical team, can undertake quail site for the customer, the quail cage design, equipment installation, and can according to the actual situation of farm product upgrade, free technical consulting services.

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