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The quail cage factory tutoring you right quail cage disinfection method
更新时间::2018-06-14 15:53:10

     Quail cage factory tutor you right quail cage disinfection method, is the main growth of quail, quail cage cooling heat during summer heat in breeding quail work, avoid the hot, affecting the normal growth of quail, should be in the summer to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection quail cage, provide quail health living environment, so how to correct disinfection?
1. The quail cage for disinfection work we should be ready before work, first should be to do a good job of cleaning before disinfection, will clean up dirt of quail cage of excrement and urine, the quail cage and water rinse again then for sterilization.
2. Should choose standard quality when disinfection disinfection products, don't buy some disinfectant, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to quail, quail can't immediately after disinfection work ends, shall ensure that when all the posterior smell disappeared at check-in.

3. In daily work should be conducted on a regular basis the quail cage disinfection work, because according to the growth and development stage of quail when disinfection to determine the specific frequency and time of sterilization, help quail better growth and development.
When disinfection work also needs certain skills and methods, to learn more about the quail cage details please pay attention to our company website, or contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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